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06 February 2018

MARSS Files for Testing Precode

District Assessment Coordinators continue to work in Pretest Editing to prepare for testing this spring. To add students for online testing who have enrolled since the last MARSS submission, MARSS updates typically need to be submitted to Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) at least two business days prior to testing. New students can continue to be uploaded in the MARSS files through the end of the testing windows in May as needed.
Early Childhood Screening (ECS)
1.  Each year Early Childhood Screening records must be submitted by late October for the previous fiscal year. Some districts find records were not assigned MARSS PS codes and may go through an appeal process.
2.  By statute a child may receive more than one screening (often due to parent request) if it is a full, not partial screening. Each full screening should be assigned a MARSS PS record (same MARSS number, different date).
3.  MARSS PS codes must be assigned for the date the screening was done. This means the Registration forms must be completed accurately by ECS staff. Some districts have accidentally assigned the MARSS PS code date as the date when the follow up was completed, which could be months later, and could be when the child changed from age 3 to 4. Thus their payment would be less and their MARSS report numbers and ages of children screened would not look like their ECS Annual Report.
To view the MARSS aid entitlement report, updated throughout the year, see the ECS Aid Entitlement on MFR: Data Center ( > Data Reports and Analytics. Scroll to School Finance Reports and choose Minnesota Funding Reports (MFR). Use the drop-downs to select your district; All Reports; Category: Aid Entitlement Reports; Year; and Early Childhood Screening Counts and Aid Entitlement. Posted in June and August; the final is posted in January by MDE. It is helpful to compare it to Early Learning Services (ELS) – ECS Annual Report data to assure your district is receiving state aid for every child screened. Ten prior years are posted.
To view the ELS-ECS Annual Report submitted each July, screening totals and aid entitlement go to: Data Center
(  > Data Reports and Analytics. Scroll to Early Learning and choose Early Learning Services (ELS). Choose county, district, year, and Early Childhood Screening Completion Report and Request for Reimbursement. This is posted each July for districts. Ten prior years are posted.
If you have questions, contact Margaret Chresand (


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