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December 2016

MARSS Memo Dated November 15, 2016

A new MARSS memo dated November 15, 2016 has been posted to Districts, Schools and Educators> School Finance > MARSS-Student Accounting > MARSS Memos.Topics include: Reporting Timelines FY 2016 End of Year MARSS WES Manual Appeals Files Notices of Residents Enrolled Elsewhere October 1 Assignment for Compensatory Revenue Verifying Compensatory Revenue Student Data Child Count Report MARSS Reporting of Students Experiencing Homelessness and Economic Indicator Impact to Transportation Fun...
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MARSS Deadlines

MARSS Deadlines: Fall FY 2017Fall FY 2017 (16/17 School Year) files are due at MDE by Monday December 19, 2016. This data is due at RMIC on the suggested date of Monday, December 12, 2016. Contact your RMIC for the exact date. This data will be used for Child Count and Comp Rev. The MFR FY 2018 Compensatory Revenue Entitlement Report will be based on this data.The FINAL Fall SUBMISSION will be due at the end of December, note there will be NO appeal p...
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November 2016

CRDC Reporting - Did You Know?

CRDC reportingDid you know? The Office for Civil Rights anticipates the submission tool to open in late January/early February. PSC will send a notification when the exact opening date has been confirmed. Each LEA is required to submit one LEA Form, and a School Form for each facility that provides instruction to students. To assist you in preparing for the 2015-16 CRDC, please access the CRDC Resource Center (, which contains specific policy related data tips and submi...
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