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Child Count
10 November 2017

Child Count

This data impacts funding via tuition billing.  A child must have three criteria to be included in the December 1 Federal Child Count. Child count is final in Fall and is not appealable or updated with EOY data, so be sure to work closely with your special education department to ensure data accuracy.  The following reports have been made available to assist you in verifying this data, they include the Local Reports 02-Child Count, 19-Special Education Tuition Billing, 23-Special Education by School December Records and the Statewide Report 33-Child Count.
The name applied to one of the federal reports that generate federal special education dollars. This is a count of all students who have IEPs, IFSPs or IIIPs on December 1 of any given year. It is also referred to as the Unduplicated Child Count.
Please review the September 12, 2017 MARSS Memo – Issue 17.07 located at: