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01 April 2022

Direct Certification Instructions

Basic Direct Certification import setup can be built by Region 1. District must provide the Direct Cert List from MDE.

As most of you know, USDA guidelines require mandatory direct certification for all children in food stamp households.

The following files are needed to match your students to the information provided by the state.
A current student file with:

  • Student Number
  • Case Number
  • Student Last Name
  • Student First Name
  • Address1
  • Address3
  • Parent Last Name

A file from MDE with students that should be processed as direct certified is best.

Step 1 – Import Direct Cert file from MDE in .txt format:

Log into Meals Plus.

Go to Student Eligibility > Utilities > Direct Certification / Exempt.

The settings will be setup by Region 1, so you will not need to make any setup changes

Go to Browse…

Select the latest .txt file save from MDE site you would like to import

Check the Application Date selected, be sure it matches the Date it was downloaded
Select “Import”

A pop up window will show up “Configuration Saved Successfully” Hit OK.

It will let you know what % of the overall students you are attempting to import

Hit “Yes” if the numbers are within reason

Step 2 – Review Unmatched

When the import process is completed, you will receive a summary of what took place.

Click OK and Review Unmatched Screen will open for you to continue processing.

If this process is run by Region 1, this will be saved into an excel file and sent back for review. The district will be responsible for double checking that these students are not enrolled in the district. This file should be shared with the MARSS support staff. If a student is not in Meals Plus but enrolled in the district, that student would need to be updated in the student system.



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