Wide-ranging, web-enabled and worry-free.

Meals Plus is the one-stop shop for automated school meal account management. From free & reduced meal accounts to credit card transactions, our online meal payment and application options offer up benefits for the whole student body.

K12 Payment Center

Online meal payment/school fees option

Simplifies the process by allowing parents/guardians to prepay online with credit and debit cards
Allows parents to see account balances and what students are buying
Sends balance notification via email and text
Integrates with POS to automatically update balance and activity
Utilizes SSL security protocol
Administrative portal enables districts to generate management reports


Online free & reduced applications

Allows parents and guardians to apply for meal benefits online
Speeds application processing
Makes it easy to administer - no more dealing with messy handwriting

Eliminates the need for paper files

Fully integrated with Meals Plus Free & Reduced program to accurately update eligibility

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