Customizable Dashboards

Customizable widgets give Synergy® users the power to create at-a-glance dashboard views of key performance indicators. A variety of widget types enable users not only to query and visualize from within Synergy SIS or external databases, but also to mix in helpful outside information like weather and traffic updates or RSS feeds.

Role-based dashboards make it easy to show every user the most relevant information. Administrator and principal dashboards can show up-to-the-minute insights into enrollment changes, absence counts, and more, while teacher dashboards keep tabs on grade trends, weather, education chats on Twitter, or favorite teaching blogs.

All users can choose the widgets they want to see on their home pages. Administrators have the power to add widgets to user home pages, set the order in which they appear, see who is using a particular widget, and add or remove users from widgets as needed. With appropriate permissions, users can also print widgets, view the query underlying a widget, or export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.