Online Registration

The Synergy® Online Registration module makes registration easier for parents, eliminates costly printed packets, increases speed and efficiency, and frees up busy staff for other tasks.

Parent View

Parents can register new or re-enrolling students online, eliminating the need to visit the district office. The system saves student data so parents can exit before the registration is complete and pick up later where they left off. Family registration connects students and parents so there's no need to re-enter shared information (e.g., address) for multiple children.

District View

District staff can view registration queues and manage waitlists online. Dynamic forms make it easy to personalize the handling of each applicant, while built-in address verification, filters, and flags accelerate the review and decision-making process.

When a student is accepted, a new enrollment record is created and automated notifications are sent to selected user groups for specific registration criteria, so staff members receive all the information they need – and nothing more.