Powerful Query & Reporting

Built-in query and reporting tools help make Synergy® SIS data easy to access, and transforms your data from simple information to insight to support informed decisions.

The query tool enables users to search, analyze, and report on any data - including custom fields - within the Synergy system. Without the need for advanced technical skills, users can build queries starting from any field on any screen, aggregate functions (e.g., counts, sum averages, etc.), and output to any of eight file types (e.g., PDF, HTML, XLS, TXT). In addition, any third-party tool that works with Microsoft SQL Server can be employed to extract and use Synergy data. The end user can control output format by changing the size and names of columns; applying conditions and sort options; and editing, displaying or suppressing particular data. Filters allow users to view and report on only specified data subsets. It’s easy to schedule the query as a report, automatically deliver it via email, or save it for future use.

The reporting tool provides more than 325 standard reports that can be modified with customized data. Additional custom reports can be built from scratch to match district needs. For convenience, reports can be scheduled, emailed, or saved to a specified server location. The reporting tool runs reports quickly and seamlessly without performance impact to the system user.

Custom reports can be nominated for public view, and auto-shared with user groups by administrators. MS Office integration allows simplified mail-merge processes including the support of multi-language merge documents. Access to data in the Synergy query and reporting area is automatically controlled by Synergy security to protect data.