Student Performance Analysis

Synergy's TeacherVUE® Gradebook provides several ways of analyzing student performance, in real time, to inform instruction.

Right from within the gradebook, the Analysis Tool displays an overview of student performance for the class. Student grades can be easily organized and sorted and then analyzed for a deeper understanding of individual student or class performance. Values that are considered "at-risk" are highlighted for easy identification.

Analysis bands make it easy to group students based on performance, adapt individualized or classroom instruction to meet student needs, and see whether students are meeting required performance thresholds – such as proficiency on standards or activities eligibility.

Rich customization options enable users to include data from all of a student's classes for the school year, reorder column headings, filter and order data within columns, save customizations, and more.

Administrators can analyze districtwide gradebook data by grade, class, school, gender, and ethnicity.