Traditional or Standards-Based Gradebook

Synergy® SIS enables districts to implement traditional or standards-based gradebooks for teachers with support for district, state, and Common Core standards.

TeacherVUE® Gradebook enables teachers to record and track student grade history across assignments, tests, homework, and projects. Both types of gradebook offer support for multiple scoring types and weighting. Customizable performance bands make it easy to analyze performance on test and assessments at the district, school, grade, classroom, or student level.

Report cards can be customized to match the exact look and feel of existing board-approved report cards. Student grades conveniently auto-populate report cards directly from gradebook entries with a click, and teachers can include comments and behavioral information about student conduct and work habits.

Essential functions such as standards-based reporting, progress reporting, historical archiving of grades, course histories, and class rankings are fully supported. And the entire interface is designed to save teachers time every step of the way.

Parents have real-time access to student assignments and grades via the ParentVUE® web portal or mobile application.