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SchoolMessenger Quick Tip
03 April 2018

SchoolMessenger Quick Tip

What is it?

SchoolMessenger Quick Tip is a reporting tool that allows students, staff, parents and other stakeholders to send tips to school administrators anonymously or non-anonymously. Anyone with access to the web or to a smartphone has access to SchoolMessenger Quick Tip and can be confident that their tip is submitted and received.

District administrators are able to receive tips at any time and have the ability to respond in a timely manner to issues that impact their school or district. The reported issues range from peer pressure, campus violence, depression, suicide and bullying (to name a few).

How does it work?
Users of SchoolMessenger Quick Tip can select an appropriate category from a list, identify which organization needs to receive the tip, write the message and send the tip. Users also have the option to include an image file, video, or other links.  Once tips are submitted, authorized users may log into the system to view the latest tips. 

When can the system be used?
The SchoolMessenger Quick Tip system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Submitters may log in to Quick Tip from any computer with an internet connection, or by using the free Quick Tip smartphone app.
Easy to administer:
There is no software installation. To enable Quick Tip, contact SchoolMessenger Support at 800-920-3897. 


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