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Revenue Budgeting for FY19
06 March 2018

Revenue Budgeting for FY19

The new FY 2019 Revenue Projection Model is now available on MDE’s website.  If you would like assistance working on next year’s revenue budget, send Stacy or Wayne your FY19 pupil estimates.  We will use those pupil estimates to create a revenue budget using the Budget Workpapers in SMART Finance.

If you are working with the FY 2019 Revenue Projection Model, note the following:

  • On the User Inputs tab, we recommend entering the Youth Services Levy and After School Levy amounts.  If you have these levies, the amounts can be found on the page 12 lines 606 and 607 of the Pay 18 Levy Certification report.
  • On the State Aids tab, until July 1, enter the amount for LTFM aid from page 14 line 439 of the Pay 18 Levy Certification report.


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