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05 November 2021

MDE Memo: UFARS/SERVS Budget Comparison Report

MDE informed Region 1 about a problem with the UFARS/SERVS Budget Comparison report. This report may not match the budget that was entered and approved. See the example below. MDE is not sure when this report will be fixed.  When reconciling federal programs, use the SERVS Manage Applications & Budgets window.
In the past, Region 1 has assisted our districts with the UFARS/SERVS reconciliation to avoid losing funding.  If you would like our assistance for FY21, you will need to email Stacy or Kameron a copy of the approved budget (we do not have access to this) instead of us using the UFARS/SERVS Budget Comparison report.
The following finance dimensions are affected: Pandemic grants 150-156, 160, 161, 164, and Federal programs including the most common 401, 414, and 433.  Refer to the list of finance dimensions for your district from MDE’s UFARS/SERVS Budget Comparison report list.



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