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03 April 2023

Entering Requisitions for Next Year (FY23-24)

If your district wants to create requisitions for FY23-24 in SMARTeR, the Accounting Calendar in SMART Finance needs to be opened through July (open the GL in both 202313 & 202314).

To create a requisition for FY23-24, enter 07/01/2023 in the Date required field of the requisition entry screen. This will change the GL period to 202401 on the detail lines of the requisition (Note: Depending on the security level, the person entering the requisition may not see the GL Period).

When the requisition is transferred to a Purchase Order, the date on the PO will be the date of the transfer. The period will be 202401. The date on the PO can be changed to whatever you would like. 



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