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05 January 2024

SMART Software Update

Our 23.3 Software Update will include the NEW MENU Enhancements:
When SMART loads, it will now show a progress bar and the login page will stay until logged in so the user knows what is happening.


System Wide- Modules

  • Finance – Finance menu groups have stayed very similar. Reports have been split into two groups, SMART Finance standard reports and the District’s Custom reports to avoid confusion.

  • Payroll – Payroll and TimeOff have been combined into the same module for ease of use. Employee Setup – group renamed from Employee Information

  • Agency – Agency is a new group that includes everything that we would send to agencies outside of SMART. It now includes all W2, ACA, 1099, Injuries and Workers Comp, and other agency items. Payroll’s Third Party Processing also moved here. Payroll has divided windows into 3 different menu items: Compliance, Quarterly, and Periodic based on the frequency in which they are used. 

  • HR – HR now includes all Human Resource functions including the menus previously found in Personnel, Employee Management and part of BenefitsPersonnel – group renamed from Employee Personnel Forms.

  • TimeTracker – TimeTracker stayed the same, but SMART Communications moved to HR.

Budgeting (in a budget software) – stayed the same
Additional changes related to specific menu groups are included in the following sections

Reminder:  If you cannot find a menu item, there is a search option that will display the path to it.



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