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 Do your employees need to update their W4 info?
04 May 2018

Do your employees need to update their W4 info?

The IRS is encouraging employees to do a paycheck checkup to insure they will have enough federal tax withheld. 
From the IRS Website:
Are some taxpayers at risk of being under-withheld on their taxes with the changes to the withholding tables?
Some people have more complicated tax situations and face the possibility of being under-withheld. For example,
people who itemized their deductions in the past, have two or more jobs in their household, or have dependents
age 17 or over, are especially encouraged to review their tax situations for under-withholding. The IRS encourages
all employees to check their withholding. The IRS has updated the 2018 
Form W-4 and the Withholding Calculator
 to help with this process.


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