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TimeClock Plus – Proof, Proof, Proof
09 January 2019

TimeClock Plus – Proof, Proof, Proof

Do you compare totals from TimeClock Plus with imported totals in SmartHR when processing payroll? This is an effective way to proof that each hourly employee with hours in TimeClock Plus has a timecard entry in SmartHR.

  • When running payroll reports in TimeClock Plus, remember to use the filters to include only hourly employees. This will exclude hours from the total for employees that are paid on a contract.
  • After importing the pay file from TimeClock Plus, the total from the Timecard Detail by Employee report in SmartHR can be compared to the control total from a TimeClock Plus payroll report.
    • Note: You must do the import from TimeClock Plus before entering manual timecard entries for the totals to match.

For more information, please contact Mara in payroll.


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