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Minnesota Common Course Catalog (MCCC) 2018
04 April 2018

Minnesota Common Course Catalog (MCCC) 2018

MDE closed the 16-17 (2017) school year on 03/23/18 and just opened the 17-18 (2018) school year for MCCC reporting.

Major changes have occurred for this reporting year and will require schools to recode a number of courses.  All K-8 Math and Language Arts courses will need to be recoded, as well as Grades 9-12 World Language courses. 

New subject areas were added to the K-8 world, PE/Health, Art, Music, Social Studies and Science.  To report these new subject areas, K-8 schools may need to create courses and sections, and coding for the objective based report cards in order to capture the mark.

We suggest that you update your course and staff files now (that is, if you have already done the work to re-code your courses).  Then report your student files, when this school year is over, and you have posted the K-12 grades to student course history.

Also note, that if you excluded courses from State Reporting in 16-17, this may affect your end of year MARSS reporting in the calculation of averaged daily membership and attendance calculations.  With this in mind, we strongly suggest that you query your District Course for these courses, and undo the exclusion.  Below is a screen shot on how to find courses that were tagged “Exclude from State Reporting”.

We also suggest cleaning up your School Course Opt-In view.  If there are courses you have opted into but did not create any sections for them this year, there is a quick way to opt out of them. By clicking the “Remove Unused Opt-In Courses,” this will uncheck the Opt In box for courses that do not have any sections assigned to them.  If this is done before you do a rollover, then the School Course Opt-in will not be set for the same courses. If you choose to offer these courses as a request in the new school year, this may require some maintenance. 



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