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07 November 2018

Synergy Tip of the Month

You can provide users with the ability to see Private Documents and Comments on the Health screen from prior years and organizations. This can be done at the user level, or at the user group level.

With either screen (User or User Groups), you will want to navigate to the Security Settings tab and populate the Display Health Comments, and/or Display Documents, from the drop down options listed.

Leaving the field blank will only show the user the default setting.

Your options for Comments are:

  • Show comments from current school, current year (Default)
  • Show Comments from current school, all years
  • Show Comments from all schools, current year
  • Show Comments from all schools, all years

Your options for Documents are exactly the same as the Comments.
Please keep in mind that this data is private, and appropriate security should be enforced so that only authorized staff have access to it.

If your teachers use this tab they will love having this available.
P.S.  If you look closely, there is a similar option for Discipline as well, with a slight twist with regards to Organization Security


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