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09 January 2019

Synergy Tip of the Month

Want to see which class a student is in based on the time of day, and the student’s schedule? I’ve seen several sites this past month where this feature wasn't turned on and the people I spoke with didn’t even know it.

You'll find that the Current Class feature is turned off when the Current Class area of the Classes tab on the Student view looks like the picture below. This means that a bell schedule (with valid clock times) isn't assigned to your periods and attached to your school calendar.

When those screens are properly filled out, users will see the following:

This change to the Bell Schedule and School Calendar will also help teachers when they log in, by taking them to the class that is meeting during the time of their log in.
MARSS coordinators should know that this bell schedule will calculate attendance and membership for students who are assigned class sections where attendance is taken, the Independent study check box is blank, and their percent of enrollment on their enrollment record is 998 or 999.  You may want to include the passing time in the time when the period ends so as to count that time on MARSS.


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