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03 February 2022

Modification Process to Custom Objective Based Elementary Report Cards

If you did not receive the email regarding report card timelines and you are the person in charge of this process, please reach out to and we will add you as a contact.
Deadline – Wednesday June 1st 
Modification Process for Custom Objective Based Elementary Report Cards 
If your district is planning to modify the custom objective based report cards in Synergy, request additional new report card formats for current or additional grade levels,
or making any changes to your term structure (ex: moving from Quarters to Semesters or Semesters to Trimesters), the following fee structure and deadlines will be
Existing report card modification:

  • $85 per hour for format changes. (1/2 hour minimum charge)

New report card formatting:

  • $300 per standard 2 page objective based report card template
  • $85 for each additional page beyond the initial 2 page format

If you are requesting significant changes, or new reports cards, we may request a purchase order for the estimated cost to begin the process.  
Process and Deadlines for Objective Based Report Card Modifications

  • Compile all changes for your district and submit one request to Region 1 by Wednesday June 1st. Email to The easiest
    way to provide us with the requested changes is to print and mark up the current report card(s) and send as a PDF.|

  • Region 1 will return a PDF file of each report card for you to review before Friday August 5th.  
  • Grammar, spelling, and changes you requested that you do not see reflected must be submitted back to Region 1 by Friday August 12th. 
  • Region 1 will require final sign off on each report card by the Principal at each building no later than Friday August 19th. We will not activate the new report cards for the year until this approval is received. 

We hope this timeline helps with the Objective Based Report Card process and gives you back a report card that is exactly what you expected before school begins. 


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