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07 June 2024

A Note from MDE: How the DIRS Batch is Processed After Uploading

Below are the general batch processing steps after you upload the DIRS Batch.

1.  DIRS validates the schema – checks the overall file structure and format.

2.  DIRS reviews field data values and formats – to confirm all are as specified.

3.  Read & process file

     a.  DIRS identifies each incident by the External Reference Number (ID number assigned to each incident by your SIS).

     b.  If there is no existing record with that External Reference Number then DIRS treats it as a new incident.
           i.  If the incident data is complete and error-free DIRS assigns an Incident ID and saves the incident.
           ii. If the incident is missing any required fields or has any errors then no data for that incident is saved and the errors are noted.
     c.  If DIRS finds an existing record for an External Reference Number in the file then it compares the data in the database with the data in the batch file.
           i.  If the incident data in the batch file is complete and correct then DIRS will either overwrite or add to the existing incident record:
               1.  Overwrite general incident data – time, location, etc.
               2.  Overwrite incident type and disciplinary action data for students already in the database.
               3.  Add incident type and disciplinary action data for students not in the database.

               NOTE – DIRS does not delete anything! It only overwrites existing records and adds new ones. You have to use the View/Edit/Delete function in the application to delete students, disciplinary actions, or incidents.

           ii.  If the incident is missing any required fields or has any errors then no data from the file is saved, the existing information is left as is, and the errors in the file are noted.

4.  After reading all of the incidents in the batch file, DIRS sends an email listing each External Reference Number and confirms whether it was saved or identifies all of the errors.
In short, yes, you can submit a file multiple times. Pay careful attention to the External Reference Numbers in each of the batch files you submit and carefully review all of the errors in the error report you receive after uploading.



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