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05 December 2022

New Year Rollovers

Now is the time to start thinking about New Year Rollovers. Scheduling and registration for the 2023-24 school year is right around the corner, so let us know when you want your New Year Rollover completed.

Things Region 1 needs from you to complete rollovers:

1.  Which schools and grade levels would you like rolled? If you have multiple sites, please indicate which schools roll where.

2.  What is the first day of school? Do certain grades start on a different date than this?

3.  Do you want lockers to roll with the students, or will they receive new locker assignments next year?

4.  Would you like sections to be rolled over for certain schools?

5.  Do you want the Economic Indicator field cleared for your students?

6.  Are there any unique school circumstances that we should be aware of? (Students marked
     as retained, default values set, using Tracks in a school, etc.)

Things to consider before having your rollover done:

1.  Are you making any changes to your schools with regards to grades or locations?
     o  Ex. 6th grade moving from Elementary to Middle
     o  Ex. opening a new school, or consolidating schools

2.  Are you making any changes to your Term Definitions/Scheduling setup?
     o  Ex. Moving from Quarters to Trimesters

3.  Do you need all of your schools rolled right now?
     o  When a rollover is done, all enrollment changes need to be maintained in two school years within Synergy. The earlier you roll a school over, the longer this duplication needs to occur.



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