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08 January 2020

Deleting An Incident

After the update applied on December 26th, there is a change in practice when deleting an incident. To delete an incident, you now have to remove the incident from the Student using the Student Incident screen. This is an additional step from before.

To delete an incident, you must first remove all Dispositions, Interventions, and Violations associated with the students involved in the incident. Then you will need to navigate to the Student Incident screen for every student listed on the incident. You will need to remove the incident line from the student. This needs to be done for each student on the incident. Once the incident is removed from the students, you will no longer see any student listed under Students Involved on the Incidents screen. From here, you can then delete the incident.

If you do not remove the incident from the student using the Student Incident screen, you will receive an error when trying to delete the incident on the Incidents screen.



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