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06 February 2018

School Calendars and Inclement Weather

School Calendars and Inclement Weather
Following are typical questions raised by schools with emergency late starts, early closings and canceled school days.  You can find the responses to each of these questions in the January MARSS Memo 18.01 (link provided below).
How do I mark a day when school was canceled?                                                       
Do I need to reschedule the school day later in the year?
Will we lose state aid if we do not make it up?
How do I code a late start/early dismissal?
How do I code an emergency late start/early dismissal when one section of kindergarten is canceled?
Making Up Lost School Days
January MARSS Memo (
Table of Contents:
>> MARSS Reporting Timelines >>New Transportation Specialist –TransAct >>MARSS Files for Testing Precode >>Early Childhood Screening >>MARSS and Data Classification >>Tri-Valley Opportunity Council (TVOC) >>Migrant Education Program Update >>October 1 Assignment6 for Compensatory Revenue >>Child Count Report >>Enrollment in Online Learning (OLL) Program and Traditional School >>Summer Term for State-Approved Alternative Programs >>Alternative Application for Educational Benefits and Electronic System Process >>School Calendars and Inclement Weather >>Notification of Change in Student Enrollment >>Superintendent Authorization for MARSS Web Edit System (WES) >>MARSS Coordinator Contact List