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MN State Reporting This Month -- April 2024
02 April 2024

MN State Reporting This Month -- April 2024

MARSS Deadlines


Monday, April 1st: All EOY Errors Activated on the Local Edit.
Thursday, April 4th: OPTIONAL Statewide edit, New statewide reports will be posted.

MANDATORY for all Districts and Charter schools. Used to identify date overlap errors.
Thursday, April 18th: Files due to RMIC
Thursday, April 25th: Files due to MDE

Ed-Fi Update

  1. The next Ed-Fi in Synergy meeting hosted by MDE will be April 9th @ 2:00 pm. The link for the meeting will be sent in an email closer to the date.
  2. Edupoint State Reporting call will be April 24th @ 2:00 pm, the link for that call will also be sent in an email closer to the date. There will be NO meeting in December because of the Holidays. We highly recommend attending these meetings for updates on any tickets that involve state reporting.
  3. There are new security roles in the EDVP this year. If you haven't already, please be sure to grant Becky access to all 4 roles, Digital Equity, Early Education, MARSS and MCCC.
  4. Grade level HK will no longer be used in MARSS reporting starting with Fall FY24 reporting. Districts should use KA-KJ with the exception of KH.
  5. Instructions on how to enter Student Support Data Collection (SSDC) data can be found on the Help screen under State Reporting> Ed-Fi> RAEL, SLIFE, Immigrant and Active Duty Parent in Ed-Fi.
  6. If you have not done so already, we highly recommend signing up to receive the Ed-Fi Newsletter. You can do so by going to the MDE Website and clicking on “Subscribe to the Ed-Fi Updates newsletter” found at the top. 
  7. The Ed-Fi training webinar is now posted on the Help screen. It can be found under State Reporting > Ed-Fi > Ed-Fi in Synergy Webinar.
  8. When working on your comparison report be sure to do a MARSS upload so you have current data to work with. If Region 1 uploads your files, please email and let us know when your files are on the FTP site. If you let us know that they are for your comparison report, no release will need to be signed. That being said, please make sure you submit clean files before the deadline, or MDE will take previous uploads. There is no way for us to tell MDE that one upload is for comparison, and one upload is for the deadline.   
  9. If you are needing assistance with how to run a comparison report or how to run your Ed-Fi data through MARSS WES please reach out to Kari Johnson has been hosting one-on-ones with districts to go through these processes.


  • Region 1 will be applying a patch update on April 6th, this will contain the final programming needed for MCCC reporting in Ed-Fi.
  • Region 1 has some MCCC trainings coming up. They will all be recorded and links for the trainings will be sent out closer to the date.
  • Region 1 is also teaming up with MDE to do a mini training session. It will be a 3 part training to cover Course, Staff/Section and Student portions of MCCC in Ed-Fi. The training will cover fields needed in Synergy again and how to pull the MCCC reports in the EDVP.
    • April 24th @ 10:00 am: Course Training
    • May 1st @ 10:00 am: Staff/Section Training
    • May 8th @ 10:00 am: Student Training  
  • We will allow districts some time to get setup and data entered before digging into any errors in Synergy that might come up. 
  • If you use custom report cards, please make sure the linking is done so that grades will flow into Student Grade to be reported.
  • When helping districts finalize their MCCC reporting this year we noticed that the Direct Pay PSEO courses were not being posted or manually entered into Student Course History completely.
    • We recommend making your Direct Pay PSEO sections “Include in Grading” and then manually entering in grades to Student Grade.
    • When Update Student Course History is run all of the needed College information will be transferred to Student Course History correctly.
    • One thing you will need to do is set the college where the course was taken. When posted to Student Course History it will show that they were taken at the High School.
  • Documentation on how to report Direct Pay PSEO courses is now available and posted on the Synergy Help screen under State Reporting.