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Test WES and MARSS
19 May 2017

Test WES and MARSS

The following is intended to address many of the questions that are being asked regarding MARSS WES and Test WES discrepancies.

  1. If the student has a local error, the student will not upload into MARSS WES and will not be loaded into Test WES.
  2. Verify on the MARSS 24 List of All Students those students that were included in the edit. However, if the student is not included on the report or has an “E” in the Error Status column, the student will not be included in the uploaded data into MARSS WES and will not be available to Test WES.
  3. Running an edit only will not upload students into MARSS WES. You must click on the “upload” button to submit your Districtwide School (A) and Student (B) files to MDE.
  4. If you verify that the student had no local errors and was uploaded into MARSS WES, then your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) should contact