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Special Education Service Hours (SESH) 
21 July 2017

Special Education Service Hours (SESH) 

** The Region 1 deadline for the August data is July 27

For end of year MARSS reporting special education service hours (SESH) are required for specific students starting with the MARSS April submission. Knowing the SESH are not correct at that time we have told districts to report one hour for SESH to pass the edit. Warning 361 will let you know that the student has been reported with less than two hours, so that accurate data can be reported when the enrollment record is closed.

The August MARSS data will be used for preliminary tuition billing. Inaccurate SESH skews the calculations, revenue and billing.

In order for special education tuition billing to be accurate for students that require SESH, districts and charter schools need to report the actual number of SESH on the enrollment records instead of the one hour no later than their August submission.

 Reporting more accurate SESH will improve the accuracy of special education tuition billing for the students that require SESH.