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Begin Next School Year Checklist
09 September 2019

Begin Next School Year Checklist


  1.  Verify all cafeteria computers can log into Meals Plus.
  2.  Verify all External Hardware is operational.

System Management

  1.  Review Security: User Setup—add new cashiers/users, assign sites & items as needed.

Point of Sale

  1.  Review/edit Attendance Factor in Control File.
  2.  Review/update Item Setup: Prices, State Reimbursable items and Assigned Users.
  3.  Review/update Site Setup: Other Configurations: Default charges.

Student Eligibility

  1. Set Meal Benefit Expiration Date and New App/Modified App Grace Periods. Default is 10/15 in MBE under Administration in Student Eligibility
  2.  Review/modify Letter Setup and Language Setup.


  1.   Create new School Calendar for current year.

  Apply Cycle Menus to the appropriate school calendar.


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