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January 2017

Meals Plus Update 129 Release Notes

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Meals Plus Update 129 Release Notes New in this releaseNew Features All Meals Plus components,,, now handle Leading Zeros for student and serving numbers, as well as billing account numbers. A Student’s Language Preference can now be set in multiple places within Meals Plus.   Customers can now email letters (instead of printing and mailing) student account or meal status letters to parents/guardians in Point of...
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December 2016

Time to Delete Non-Current Students!

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Meals Plus recommends running the “Delete Non-Current Students” function approximately 3 months after the start of a new school year.To access the Delete Non-Current Student option, a Meals Plus Administrator simply logs into System Management, selects the Administration menu, and “Delete Non-Current Students.”
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November 2016

Students Without a Picture

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As you import your new pictures into Meals Plus, you may be curious as to those students that are missing a picture in the system.Use the Custom Query in the Utilities menu to create a query that shows you those patrons that do not have an assigned picture;SELECT        Student.Id, Student.FirstName, Student.LastName, Student.SiteId, Student.StatusCurrentFROM            Student WHERE        StatusCurrent in ('2',&...
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