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07 January 2022

Current Issues in Synergy

Some issues have been discovered since we updated Synergy on December 4th. We are hoping to see fixes soon, and will communicate when they have been resolved. A separate email will go out with updated information when available. Please note that these issues will not be addressed in the January 15th Synergy update.
The following are current issues in Synergy:

  • Saved Defaults which include Grade Levels on the STU811.MN: MARSS report cause issues with the screen.
    • Contact if experiencing this. Refrain from saving defaults including Grade Levels for this report at this time.
  • Mass Email requires filters to be selected if sending to parents.
    • Select ‘Parent meet any criteria’ and check all of the boxes to send to all parents.
  • Attendance Verification grid cannot be exported.
    • Use an attendance report. ATD402: Daily Attendance List and ATP401: Period Attendance List work well to pull attendance information.

The Print Activation Key on the Parent screen has been fixed. If you continue to have issues, clear any saved defaults on the PVU202: Parent Activation Key Letter report. There is still an issue tied to defaults with a Date included for this report with regard to the button on the Parent screen.
There were also a couple of updates to Mass Email worth mentioning, as they are a change to existing functionality:

  • To send from the No Reply email address set in System Configuration:  do NOT check the Allow Replies checkbox next to the From Staff field.
  • To send from a specific Staff member: select their name from the Staff dropdown and CHECK the Allow Replies checkbox.

Mass Emails now include Student Name in the Subject. This name is populated based on the student associated with the email. This is specific to each email address, and does not include students who are not associated with the receiving email address.
If you have questions, please reach out to



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