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January 2017

Meals Plus Voted Among Top 100 Products 2016

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Voted by Meals Plus Customers, District Administration Magazine has named Meals Plus one of their “Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products of 2016” for helping K12 administrators achieve excellence in their district.
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December 2016

Time to Delete Non-Current Students!

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Meals Plus recommends running the “Delete Non-Current Students” function approximately 3 months after the start of a new school year.To access the Delete Non-Current Student option, a Meals Plus Administrator simply logs into System Management, selects the Administration menu, and “Delete Non-Current Students.”
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November 2016

Students Without a Picture

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As you import your new pictures into Meals Plus, you may be curious as to those students that are missing a picture in the system.Use the Custom Query in the Utilities menu to create a query that shows you those patrons that do not have an assigned picture;SELECT        Student.Id, Student.FirstName, Student.LastName, Student.SiteId, Student.StatusCurrentFROM            Student WHERE        StatusCurrent in ('2',&...
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Verification Results Input

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When the information is received back from the selected households, enter it under Results Input.  When can I enter the verification results? You can either enter results for one application at a time as soon as you get the information back,or you can wait and enter all results at the same time.  However, Results letters for adverse changes will give a grace period (from the MBE setup)  notification from the day the results are entered.  The adver...
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